Alert Light

Alarm Detection

As part of the MAX Smart Home safety system, the MAX Safety Light listens for Smoke and CO alarms. When it detects an alarm it will light up brightly, sound an audible alarm and strobe 2x per second to alert you to an emergency in your home and help you find your way to safety.

Multiple Modes

A four position slide switch on the side lets you set the mode you want your Alert Light in. Choose from dusk to dawn light, dusk to dawn motion activated light, security alarm or off.

Alert Light

Alert Light


The MAX Alert Light can be a great addition to your security system. Set the slide switch to security and the Alert Light will sound a loud alarm whenever motion is detected to scare off intruders. An Alert Light is a simple way to add some motion detection security to your home or apartment.

Motion Actived Light

Your MAX Safety Light includes a motion detector for motion activated lighting at night. When set in motion activated mode (one of 7 color selection), your MAX Safety Light will shine a 100 lumen down light when the area is dark and motion is detected.

Safety Light